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How Does It Work? platform provides its members huge returns for shopping at our affiliate online retailers.

Also, we allow our members to take part in eBay's affiliate program by sharing and marketing their own personal affiliate page.

Online retailers pay a commission to, so when you browse and purchase products from our affiliate network, earns a commission. We in return split that commission and offer it back to you. does not interfere with your shopping, nor does it involve itself with choosing products, payment, shipping… etc. You simply just click and start making purchases to receive Cash Back!

After you register a free account with us, you can start visiting your favorite online retailers through and continue to shop as usual.

After making a purchase, will track your earnings and add it to your account along with an email informing you of your transaction. After a short period, the total sum will be transferred to your PayPal account to keep. It’s that simple.

Quickly view detailed purchase records, total earnings, earnings from referrals, payment history and more with our easy to use backend interface.

How it works

Promote eBay Products platform together with eBay Partner Network grant its members the opportunity to operate as an eBay affiliate and receive commissions accordingly.

When you sign up to platform you receive a web page generated by us that contains your name and photo (optional) and your costumed affiliate code and link.

At this personal web page you can also find eBay banners, products, special deals, coupons and other marketing features.

We encourage you to share and promote your personal page – Whatsapp, social media channels ect'.

Every sale on eBay which generated from your personal page will entitle you affiliate fees as if you were an eBay affiliate.

Proper use of

To ensure you earn Cash Back properly, it is important to visit and click on our links to begin shopping. Purchasing products without entering a online retailer from will not result Cash Back earnings.

For instance, if you browse one of our affiliate retailers like AliExpress and add products to your shopping cart without first entering AliExpress from, you won’t be qualified for Cash Back commissions in regard to those items.

Ad Blockers may keep you from receiving Cash Back. In order for retailers to relate the information to of your Cash Back referral, you must turn Ad Blockers off.

Using Coupons, other external links and certain sales from retailers may keep us from getting commissions. We are unable to give you Cash Back from these occurrences.

Certain products and very specific sellers do not qualify for Cash Back earnings, because we don’t gain any commission for these specific products. Unfortunately, we are unable to credit your account for these purchases.

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