Frequently Asked Questions

What is also allows its members to take part at eBay affiliate program by sharing and promoting their personal affiliate web page.

How to sign up for

There are two ways to register on the platform; first through the platform's main site at, and second through the personal page of each user on the platform.

How do I get Cash Back?

Just remember to visit or your personal page before any purchase online and click on one of the links reference to the site where you want to make purchases. Once referred from, continue with the purchases made as usual. Our systems are synchronized with the retailer's websites and credit your account automatically.
Remember, to be eligible for cashback commissions you must pass through or through your personal page before purchase at the retailer's websites.

How much money will I get back?

The rate of refunds you will get are determined of course in accordance with the returns we get from the shopping website. There are websites that allow us to give users a fixed percentage of the total purchase and other websites that give variable percentage from the total purchase. Note. Percentage return also may change depending on the product purchased.
It is important to mention that most of our returns, we give back to you! (More than 80% at least).

What is a user "personal page"?

This is a web page generated by that contains name and photo (optional) of every user, for the intent and purpose of helping the user to register new users under his network (friends network) and as part of eBay affiliate program. By providing the user free marketing materials and tools, they can start a friends network and obtain commissions for every purchase made from the users registered in their network.

Can I shop through my personal page and still be eligible to get Cash Back?

Certainly. As mentioned, your personal page is designed mostly partly for your marketing efforts - to make it easier for you to build your friends network.
Nevertheless, some people feel more comfortable to shop via their personal page. Thus, if you refer to the retailer's website through your personal page, you will be entitled to receive cashback as promised.
Meaning, you will be eligible to receive cashback either you shop through our main website at or through your personal page.

What is the address of my "Personal Page"?

You can find your "personal Page" address on the Settings page.

I can’t register by e-mail, what should I do?

There are three ways to register for our service: via Facebook, Gmail or Email. If you choose to register with an email address, you will be required to verify your email address through the verification email sent to you. Once you have verified your email address, you can complete the registration process.

I can’t sign up by Facebook, what should I do?

The problem is probably because your Facebook account does not have a verified email address, so we cannot complete the registration process. Simply provide us with a current email address so we can send you a verification email, and once you confirmed it you can complete the registration process.

Will I get any commissions for purchases of my friends?

Our program encourages you to build yourself a global marketing network composed of all your friends and their friends, and friends of their friends… up to five levels. If you invite your friends and they in turn invite their friends, you can enjoy commissions for purchases of all recruits.
It is important to note that your extra commissions are not at the expense of the friends in your network. Your friends get their commissions and on top of that you get your referral commissiond for their purchases.

How much will I earn on purchases of users that I invited?

For every level of members, you are entitled for 20% of the total commissions of that level.
For example, purchases made on the website of AliExpress - for purchases you've made through or via your personal page (your purchases or your visitors), you will be entitled to a 5% Cash Back commission. For purchases of friends you invited/included directly, you will be entitled to a 1% of their returns. For the purchase of friends of your friends, you will be entitled to an additional 0.2% of their returns. And so on up to five levels of friends.
Remember, after you've added to a member to your network, you do not need to do anything else. You are entitled to get commissions for all of his purchases (purchases he did himself from the site or at his personal page).

How can you give such big commissions for my purchases and especially even for purchases of my friends and their friends?

Because of our unique platform, is able to provide you with higher commissions from our affiliate partners than most other Cash Back services. Our technology offers connection between social networks, purchasing mechanisms and ‘friend network’ opportunities. In order to direct our affiliate partners to our global user base, they are prepared to provide users vast amounts of money refunds; refunds that we gladly like to give directly back to you.

How do I build a network of friends and increase my profits?

To help you add more friends to your network, we have developed a user "personal page" where you will find links/tools to make it easy to market and share information on social networks.
The address of your personal page is:
Publish your personal page in every way possible; social media channels, text & messaging, among friends… it’s up to you!
Any visitor who joins the platform via your personal page will be automatically added to your network of friends and you will be entitled to get commissions for all purchases they makes - not one time, but forever!
In addition, you will also be entitled to get commissions for all members attach to your friend (up to five levels of members), not just one time but… you guessed it: Forever!

How does your platform know to flag a user under my network?

When you share our links through social media or any other way, we attach a outgoing referral link. Any member that uses these links are automatically added to your network.
Furthermore, any user that visits your personal page and registers to our platform through your page is automatically added to your network.

Where can I see my Earnings?

To get details of the commissions you earned from your purchases and from purchases of your friends, you need to connect into your account at and visit the "Earning" section. You can also see a general summary of your total earnings on the top of the page of your personal page when you are logged in.

When will I see my commissions on my account?

The time required to receive reports and credit your account depends on the reporting systems of the shopping websites. Usually the time period does not exceed five working days.

I bought a product via my personal page and after five days I did not see any Cash Back. What should I do?

Send us the details of your order under the "Earnings" section and we’ll be happy to review your claim.

How do I get my earning?

Your earnings can be transferred directly to your PayPal account.

Where do I enter my PayPal account?

You are required to enter your PayPal account one time at the "Settings" section.

When can I withdraw my earnings?

You can withdraw your earnings after a period of 60 days from the date of actual purchase. In the case you shop at AliExpress, you can claim your money much sooner - once you confirm your order at the AliExpress website.

Is there a minimum withdrawal balance?

The minimum withdrawal is $10.

What is the meaning of "Pending"?

Commissions that are due to you and have not completed a period of 60 days from the date of purchase or AliExpress purchases that didn’t received final confirmation from AliExpress.
That is the period of time it takes the online retailers to confirm your purchase and transfer your earnings.

What is the meaning of "Claimed"?

Total commissions withdrawn since the creation of your account.

What is the difference between "Total Earnings" and "Available Balance"?

Total Earnings - The total future earnings due to you from purchases made on your personal page (by yourself or visitors of your personal page) and purchases made by your friends network. This includes earnings you have already withdrawn.
Available Balance - Commissions that completed a period of 60 days and are now available for immediate withdrawal.

Do I get a message on my personal page for any commission due to me from anyone under my network?

You are of course credited for all purchases under your entire network. Messages notifying you of commissions are sent to your personal page and/or email are just for commissions over $0.05.

Is there a fee for withdrawing my earnings?

We do not charge any commission withdrawal fee. However, PayPal charges a fee amounting to 2.5% of the transfer, or a minimum of one dollar.

My total Available Balance is above the minimum required, and I still cannot complete the process of withdrawing my earnings. What should I do?

Send us an email to and we’ll be happy to review your complaint.

Can another user see the details of my orders and/or amount of my earnings?

No. We are very strict about the privacy of our users.

Do you use any details of my orders?

Absolutely not.

Can I see how much money I earned from a certain user under My Network?

No, we are very strict about the privacy of our users. You can see your total earnings of every level member but not the specific earnings from each member of this level. To see your total earnings under your friends network visit the "friends - network" section.

Until when can I withdraw my earnings?

You can withdraw your earnings from the time of availability ("available balance") and up to 14 months from the date of purchase.